What we Raise

Grass-fed BEEF

We offer 100% grass fed beef year-round for retail and wholesale purchases. Grain finished steers are offered once a year if buying a half or whole beef. Whether you need a few steaks, bulk ground beef, or a quarter beef we can serve you. 


A limited number of grass-fed  feeder steers and heifers are sold each year, for finishing on other farms. This keeps us from gambling at the local sale barn, and allows other small farmers the opportunity to offer quality, grass-fed beef that they know was responsibly raised.  


Old-fashioned pork

We raise pigs outdoors using methods, and hogs reminiscent of what our ancestors used. This results in some of the finest pork in the Bluegrass.  

Folks have been coming to us for several years to buy feeder pigs, breeding stock, and barbecue hogs on the hoof. We’re happy to sell them on the hoof or in the package! 

Pastured poultry

When our five year old isn’t gathering them up for chicken snuggles, our pasture-raised chickens have true free-range of the farm, and the ability to forage for much of their diet. Chickens are supplemented with a custom non-gmo grain ration that helps us maintain rich yolks and sturdy eggs year around. We do our best to stock eggs year around and we offer whole chickens for sale throughout the seasons as well. 

grass-fed lamb

Our hair sheep are excellent foragers, that compliment our grazing program nicely. They are able to thrive on pasture, and produce excellent quality lamb on grass alone. 

We sell a select number of feeder lambs and replacement stock each year in addition to direct marketing the meat.